Friday, October 14, 2011

The new Me, the new Jabberwocky

Status: currently enrolled and managing to keep my head above water in SDSU's Partner's in Education (PIE) program - 15 units of graduate classes and 4 units of student teaching.

What's New: Danny and I are getting married on October 22nd, that is in 8 days...

Feeling: so excited and busy that I forget to eat sometimes. Don't worry - I always make up for it!

Economics: broke as can be (spending but not earning), but Danny is helping to support me till I enter the prosperous world of teachers' salaries in July...

Wondering: how long does it take to become a grown-up where I can stop procrastinating on important things?

What is to become of the blog? My dear Jabberwocky, you are a representation of my past self. You and I need to evolve, I have a dining table centerpiece now for goodness' sake! I am posing as a grown-up and you should join me.

Friends - I hope you will join me as I transition to a new life with my new husband, maybe a new job... and my new blog. I'll see you there.