Monday, April 27, 2009

Your Future Investments

These times we live in, they are so wild with opportunity. The bright lines of separation from the rich, the poor, and the middle are becoming blurry with potential within such a “crisis”. Economic down-turn is certainly no reason to be blue; it is the natural way of humans to hurt ourselves like this so we may grow taller from the wreckage. You see, while we skillfully step over each other and reach for the American Dream, there is so much climbing going on that no one is holding the ladder when our shaky, skyscraping accomplishments begin to waver.

When the loving father bounces his daughter on his knee and tells her “you can be anything you want to be” there is something he forgets to see. We breed a generation of “me” and wonder why it fell to the ground so easily.

The opportunity is yours and mine; we can fight to the death or flow with the tide.

Let the money go. It wouldn’t miss you if you were gone, so shall you learn not to miss it when it is gone. Save your useless earnings yearnings and turn those sentiments where they truly belong: in your fellow men and women. Try holding the ladder for someone else – someone who will hold your ladder in return – someone who will remember you when you are gone.


  1. Does this mean we don't care? Why should we fight, fight, fight always fight to get something done? Going with the tide feels good, tyde dyed is cool, but nothing gets done! If you have a goal and you work really hard to obtain your goal, but when you reach it you are alone. Who is going to yell Goooooooooooooal!

  2. Hey Miss Lisa, Your visual language about the tides reminds me of book I cherish from childhood, "Hope For The Flowers". It was written for children in the 1970's but when I recently re-read the book it took on a whole new set of moral lessons aimed at adults in this working class world. In the end, what is our real goal? Love. <3