Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 2: The Saga continues...

Day 2: The Thedell Open 2009

We wake to a lovely breakfast of eggs and bacon. Pappy shows off his skills of frying the eggs in the bacon grease – the only way to cook eggs – apparently. I am not complaining.

And… we are OFF! To the golf course for a day of turf–chunking adventure! We somehow end up with a set of left handed rentals… ok? Breanna anxiously takes the driver’s seat and whisks away in her golf cart with Josh. Danny takes us down behind them as we weave around the clubhouse and down to tee off. We decide to play best ball – since none of us knows how to golf properly.

I begin to show off right away – smacking the ball WAY far down the fairway with my trusty 3-iron. This immediately becomes my favorite club which I decide I will use for nearly every swing. I basically kick everyone’s butt on the first drive. I am amazing.

Immediately my LPGA dreams are shattered as I realize that a 3–iron is not the very best for every shot... nor are my arms for that matter. Danny steals the show with his stunning, stylish fedora hat and Ray Bans – also his obvious knack for golfing comes to the surface – a late bloomer!!!

Breanna and I decide that golf is funny, and it will be even funnier if we make it onto the green.

Brinn and Uncle Todd are one hole behind us... now they are practically on top of us! We hurry along to the next hole and Brinn follows us, pats Danny on the back and says, “You guys need to play best ball so we can keep things moving, you know – you only use the best ball from each couple to play on.” We look at each other as he explains it and we all crack up because we HAVE been playing best ball!!!

We continue along – going as quickly as possible while still taking time to smell the roses. Might as well enjoy ourselves!

Several exciting events ensue:

- Todd is spotted climbing through the bushes high on the hill searching for a lost ball. We think he must have found at least 3 geo-caches by now!

- Danny and Josh both slice a ball into the same pond off the same tee, Breanna wins the hole!

- Breanna and Josh nearly knock me out of the cart when they decide it will be fun to play bumper carts. It probably would have been more fun if I hadn’t been joyriding with my legs hanging out the side…

- After a nice drive, Danny’s ball lands directly atop an existing ball hiding in the rough – and it bounces perfectly onto the fairway. Later a disgruntled golfer emerges from below and claims that Danny stole his ball.

- Breanna has some beautiful shots, a few are even accompanied by a bonus spray of dirt as a sizable chunk of turf attempts to join the ball in flight. I don’t think anyone could whack the turf as high as Bre can, she holds the honors.

- Danny decides that the back of the chipper makes a decent putter when I am too slow to bring him the putter from the cart.

- Josh blooms into a regular Tiger by the 9th hole, and the boys have completely taken over!

- Danny sets up an expert putt on the 18th hole as Josh and Breanna stage a full WWF brawl on the green – it is really and interesting mix of sports.

I think I’ve won – but who’s counting?

We park at the clubhouse and have ourselves a fine round of classy golfer’s brew: Bud Light for all!!! Beautiful.

Next on the list – Aunt Shara’s BBQ! Barry welcomes us with a “here – eat this” slice of smoked ham fresh off the spit – Oh yeah!!! More brews and delicious foods take us into a beautiful Roy sunset. We take in the lovely grassy field just beyond the fence… gazing out past the backyard to a golden horizon of grassy goodness and … HOOOOOOOOONNKK!!!! An Amtrak runs straight through the backyard!!!!!! This train is seriously 50 cars long and we get dizzy trying to count them – as they are less than 20 yards away. The kids love it and Shara says simply “I’ve never seen the Amtrak come through here…” as though the name on the train was the interesting part. Danny and I just pop a top and laugh, what a trip this is going to be!


  1. what's a Roy sunset? Red-orange-yellow?

  2. No - but that is clever!

    It's a sunset in Roy, Utah. It's the city's name :)

  3. Another great write! LOL. Sorry I rushed you guys. Glad you were able to have fun. Now are you going wait until the next Thedell Open to swing the club? Cheers!