Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok ok OH Kay! So I am finding that writing my next installment of Spirit Lake is more intimidating than exciting. I am just not ready to sit at the computer for a full hour as I recall the events in detail and edit mercilessly.

Here's a random blog instead, which I feel the need to interject between epic biographical blogs:

Today, my butt is falling asleep to the the beautiful sounds of classical piano played by the expressive Tom Barabas. Thanks Tom, this is only the eleveth time I've heard Pachelbel's Canon today...

One of the club members just walked by and said "Hey Curly!" - which is apparently my new nickname. It is bad enough that my new haircut is still "shocking" people and leading them to make strange comments two weeks later - but now I have an itching urge to go "knuuuuck nuc nuc" and poke him in the nose...

This makes me think of how Danny is one of the strangest men on the planet to actually like my short hair (sometimes BETTER than the long hair). He picks out my shoes better than I can, he likes my cat, and he actually supports my short hair adventures. I think women must be lining up to knock me out so they can have a chance with him. I would understand. I would not be suprised if some random lady offered me money to have Danny pretend to be her boyfriend for a day. Too bad, he's not for sale - love you baby!

Hmm... I am hoping to finish spraying the house for bugs when I get home - I am the terminator. I have been forbidden to "bomb" the house again so I have settled for soaking the perimeter with home-pest poison. Bryan better watch where he pees - there may be a chemical reaction. But there will be no bugs... none... ever. AHAHHHHHHAAAAAAAh. Ha.

My mom wants me to write a book for spare cash... I was thinking like tutoring or mowing lawns or something - she realy has a lot of faith in me. Do you know how much work it takes to write a BOOK? She says 10 or 12 chapters should do it... Oh OK, well that makes it OK. Maybe I will.


  1. Bug Bombs = Nasty Chemicals. Try natural options! I don’t know what kind of critters are breeding around your house but I hear tea tree oil, peppermint oil, salt, lemon juice and vinegar are all deterrents of some sort. Just do some research to figure out what is best for your particular pest! (Ooh I rhymed!)

  2. M(ichael) says he has a fantastic home-made chemical-free all-natural bug deterring concoction. I will have him write it down for me/boil up a batch.

    Also, cinnamon is supposed to work too. I know it works on ants.

    Hey we should have a movie night sometime soon. I don't know if anyone would be keen about having it at my house, with my parents (I am le lame), in East County... but I am game! Otherwise if I could bum off you guys, I can bring foods and stuff. :3