Monday, March 1, 2010

Career brain is stormy

So what do we ever hope to accomplish in this life? If it’s possible, I believe I’ve thunk myself into a standstill. Every direction I move I feel like I’m taking a step back.

My job is mellow. I feel important and respected, I get paid well. However, supervising a Massage Department with no potential for growth is SO not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Not to mention that this is a horribly inactive, quiet, desk job. It’s not just me who thinks I (a wild, loud, active person) should not be here. I am staling into complacency and the steady paycheck.

So what do I do? I want to be a teacher but I have no experience or time to take classes. I could take classes online and learn by-the-book, but I’m a hands–on kind of girl! Even if I get credentialed and get a job in this economy, I’d make less money than I do now. And what If I don’t like teaching as much as I think I will? At least I’ll be able to move around and talk above a whisper…

So now a new option arises, Danny points out to me the other night that I am thoroughly and passionately obsessed with wine. AH! A passion that I can sink my teeth into, be around adults, be loud and certainly move around. I like the sound of this. I can sell, talk about, and drink wines from the most wonderful places and share them with the world! But now I see myself getting even further into hospitality – which is lovely but means that raising a family in the near future would be twice as hard if I’m to work weekends and nights and be more focused on the customer/vendor than my own well-being!

HOW does one decide????? What if I get started and change my mind – what if it’s too late? ARgh.

In my mind, I think I can do it ALL, somehow... Just get me out of this DAMN CHAIR!

I love and hate this wild ride. At least I’m down to wine professional and teaching English, I daresay those two may come together nicely in a hand-crafted college course. Wine in Literature of the 1800’s anyone?

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  1. Those are lots of tough positions. I can't same I'm going through the same decisions, because I'm just finishing school and entering the job market, so I don't have a steady paycheck to be accustomed to or any of that.

    But a major career change is probably going to be hard, starting possibly at the bottom with a major pay sacrifice.

    If you're really interested in teaching, you should substitute teach. It doesn't take a credential, just an emergency substitute permit or something, and taking a few tests (the CBEST and those). A couple hundred dollars and time, but they do call for substitutes, and it can be pretty reasonable pay. They're also in need of special ed substitute assistants, which requires even less stuff. If you're interested, I can get you more info about it. But it's a good way to test your feet in teaching waters. Also, private schools don't require teaching credentials. They like them, but will hire you before you get it.

    If you're looking to make some money in a hurry, the Census Bureau is hiring people, to work in the evenings and weekends, for $16.50 an hour! It's part-time, and obviously only goes for a short while.

    As for wine, I have no idea how that works. =P Sure it's hospitality, but maybe you could work toward getting better hours. Get a job at BevMo or someplace and get some experience!

    And not that I don't want you to be in San Diego, but this isn't always the best place for, well, anything. We're pricey to live in and don't always pay fantastically.

    Oh, and you can always change your mind. There are people in my classes with kids of their own in college, making drastic career changes. We're young. And it's amazing how tight purse strings can get and still get along.

    Anywho I ramble. You'll figure it out - you're Lisa!