Saturday, October 9, 2010

Enough blabbering

So I read my blog - Oh there are some really whiny posts, I'm sorry!

Here's the deal. I put the fire to my own butt and said ENOUGH!

After a very dedicated pursuance of ballroom dancing, a flit in the world of yoga, and another lapse into the depths of a glass of red wine in all it's complexities - I am through!

Yes, I am an easily dazzled soul-searcher in chase of the perfect dream - but this isn't a hedonistic melodrama - (okay - just a little...) this is my LIFE and I am ready to make a decision.

I have made the decision, in spite of all odds, to become a high school/middle school English teacher. That is who I am and that is who I will continue to be.

It will not be easy.

I face a year and a half of a strenuous program at SDSU that is as unrelenting as it is time-consuing. I have nothing short of an arm and a leg to relinquish before I can even apply to said teaching program. I face debt beyond my wildest dreams, with no guarantee of a job at the end of the tunnel. I face a bludgeoned economy that will not pity the middle-class white girl with the perfect smile. I stand at the doorway to my dream, and it looks glorious!!!

Hooray for a new challenge! Hooray for a new day that brings hope to small children! Hooray for having $210.00 invested and convinced that there is no turning back. Hooray for the love of my life and the clear-as-day goals that are laid out before me.

Thank you, and good night!

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