Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pick up Stix facts + then some

Fantastic - my mom is bringing me Pick up Stix today!!! So delicious, I can already taste the orange peel chicken and tofu!

Of course, I decided to look up the nutrition facts for this lovely fast food chain, a.k.a. pseudo-healthy "fresh" wok'd Asian food restaurant.

You and I know that "fresh" is not always fresh. In fact, the FDA allows you to put "fresh" on the label even if it has been frozen. So that fresh salmon fillet you are buying for dinner was likely frozen as it made it's way here on a boat from Alaska. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact a lot of companies freeze responsibly, and the food comes out as fresh as it possibly can. In most cases freezing is keeping it much "fresher" than if they just refrigerate it. Unfortunately, this saps some flavor and many companies use LOTS of added sodium and preservatives to bring it back - totally nasty. If you really want FRESH, you need to buy local. Or catch your own fish.

ANYWAYS, more on that later. I don't have time to make my own tofu at work today, so I am checking out this sweet website that I want to share with you.

Looks like this Daily Plate is a nice resource for this type of information. Make sure you click on the name of the dish to get the full nutrition facts, like sodium levels. Next time I will probably go for the Shrimp with Vegetables in white wine sauce - very healthy actually!

You are what you eat, so maybe it's a good idea to research before you eat. That is my advice for everyone today. Bon apetit!