Monday, May 4, 2009


HAH! Oh Kim honestly - I'm the dumbest! "baptize them in his name" -oy - ok so that's hilarious that I saw it as IN his name. No, so you baptize someone in the water and you say "in the name of Jesus I baptize this sinner...etc." WOW Ok somebody slap me with a wet waffle and call me Shakespeare!!!

I get it now.

Either way, interpretations can vary - even a very literate girl with an English minor can read something wackily.

ANYWAYS! I'm gonna lay off a bit. I got a little wild there and no one wants to read a blog about serious suff and flaming opinions all of the time do they?

Or OK, how about flaming opinions on more light-hearted stuff? Yeah. I'll go there next.

Sorry for being a crazy lady - it's my nature. I'll try harder not to be SO crazy and maybe we can all enjoy ourselves. Any ideas for a new topic? And DON'T say global warming!

Love yas!

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